Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Christians United for Israel Sunday is an opportunity for Christians around the world to unite in prayer and action in support of Israel.

This November the country will face what may well be the most pivotal election of our lifetime. We all know the stakes for our country, for Israel and for the world.  Yet too many Christians have allowed their disappointment with politicians and government to discourage them.  They no longer exercise their fundamental responsibility as citizens.  They don't vote.  

As pastors. we have a special responsibility to ensure that our congregants make their voices heard.  We need to do everything in our power to encourage them to go to the polls and to vote for candidates who share our principles.  This includes voting for candidates who are dedicated in word and deed to the State of Israel! 

This issue is so important that we decided to devote this year's CUFI Sunday to registering voters and encouraging them to go to the polls.  Our theme this year is simple and clear:  “We must vote… because we are Christians.”

On CUFI Sunday, May 15, we are asking you to:

1. Dedicate your sermon the importance of getting to the polls and voting for candidates who embrace Biblical principles.  We will provide you with sermon notes.

2. Hold a voter registration drive after your CUFI Sunday service. We will provide you with a voter registration event guide and are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this important initiative.

3. Ask your congregants to sign The Vote Israel- Defend America petition.
 If you are a pastor please fill out the information below to sign your church up for Christians United for Israel Sunday. If you are not a pastor please confirm with your pastor that your church will participate in Christians United for Israel Sunday and they have nominated you to serve as your church's designee for Christians United for Israel Sunday before filling out the information.

Click this link to register


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